The Legacy of Avi & Co as a Family-Owned Business 1

The Legacy of Avi & Co as a Family-Owned Business

A Family Started Business

In today’s economy, many companies seek to have a diversified ownership structure to help their business run effectively while minimizing risks. However, that was not the original case when Avi & Co was founded by Avi Raz. He started the business in New York City, together with his wife, Rachel Raz. Avi & Co was one of the first family-owned businesses in New York’s Diamond District, with a mission that is straightforward but powerful – to provide the best jewelry collection and bespoke designs to customers from all over the world while helping them “celebrate the special moments in their lives.” With the help of their family, Avi and Rachel’s business has become a hallmark of integrity, quality, and passion.

A Continuously Growing Family Business

A family business that is properly managed can have numerous benefits like aligning the family values to the business, creating jobs for family members, and building business continuity. Avi & Co is a perfect example of these benefits. As the family grew, so did the business. Along with their children, children-in-law, and other relatives, they helped to open more than five jewelry stores across New York City. Under the Raz family leadership, Avi & Co has gained an outstanding reputation in the jewelry industry for providing beautiful and unique engagement rings, wedding bands, and other pieces of jewelry that can fulfil anyone’s desires. They also provide custom-made jewelry to ensure that each piece tells the story of love and happiness that is unique to their customers. Expand your knowledge of the topic discussed in this piece by exploring the suggested external site. There, you’ll find additional details and a different approach to the topic. Luxury Watches

A Family Business that Preserves the Value of Tradition

Family businesses can carry a legacy for generations. They have the ability to build a distinct culture that values tradition and respect. Avi & Co has been able to pass down their tradition of excellence from one generation to another. As the business expanded, their children started taking on various roles in the company, and each took responsibility for a unique aspect of the business that they have an interest in. This approach helps the business to maintain an edge in the industry while building strong relationships with their customers. Keeping to tradition is one of Avi & Co’s core values, and every member of the family is trained to implement this value in their daily work.

The Importance of the Personal Touch in Avi & Co

The leaders of Avi & Co, through their policies, have always promoted the preservation of a personal touch in all their transactions. They believe that the key to their success is the connection they build with their customers. The Raz family’s approach to the business has the customer at its center. Every person who walks through the door of any of Avi & Co’s stores is considered a member of the family. They treat each customer with special kindness, and care that goes beyond just sales. Every engagement ring that Avi & Co makes takes the story of the bride and groom into consideration. The creation process is that unique and personalized to meet the demands of the customer explicitly. Avi & Co’s approach has made their business stand out, especially in a world that is often plagued with rigid policies and impersonal transactions. Complement your reading and expand your knowledge of the topic with this specially selected external content. Richard Mille Watches, discover new perspectives and additional information!


The Raz family’s commitment to excellence has earned Avi & Co one of the most coveted honors in the jewelry industry – The Best of New York Award, among many other awards. Their personalized approach to their customers and the superior quality of their jewelry sets them apart. The legacy of Avi & Co as a family-owned business is proof that in modern times, it is still possible to build a successful business based on principles such as trust, passion, and integrity.

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